BON is the solution that goes by a lot of different names:

Measurement-Based Care, Routine Outcome Monitoring, Systematic Client Feedback, and Feedback Informed Therapy.

Better Outcomes Now (BON) is the web application of the Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS), created by the developer of the clinical process of PCOMS, Dr. Barry L. Duncan, and the organization that conducted the randomized clinical trials that led to its evidence based practice designation. BON combines science, technology, and clinical expertise to improve consumer outcomes and increase efficiency. Importantly, BON provides a way to operationalize consumer driven services and involve clients in all decisions that affect their care.

BON partners with consumers to identify those who aren’t responding and addresses the lack of progress in a proactive way that keeps clients engaged while providers collaboratively seek new directions. It uses measures that are reliable and valid, but feasible for each clinical encounter and provides objective, quantifiable data on the effectiveness of providers and systems of care. Hundreds of organizations, like yours, have implemented PCOMS and BON, including the six largest public behavioral health agencies in their respective states, provincial implementation in Saskatchewan, and a national implementation in Norway.

BON is the superior system on the market, providing an accurate, non-inflated analysis of effectiveness. It is designed with the nuances of the clinical process of PCOMS in mind as well the practicalities of both supervision and data analysis for quality improvement and reporting purposes. BON attends directly to data integrity and is a true application of the intent and spirit of PCOMS.

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