About Better Outcomes Now

Better Outcomes Now (BON) is the true web application of Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS). BON is designed by Dr. Barry L. Duncan, the developer of the clinical process of PCOMS, the impetus for its scientific credibility, and the most successful at its implementation.

  • Empirically proven to improve outcomes and efficiency, a SAMHSA evidence based practice
  • Demonstrates effectiveness to funders
  • Can be used across orientations and problems or diagnoses—allowing you to be evidence based across all clients
  • Cost effective implementation compared to other evidence based practices
  • Operationalizes client privilege and individually tailored services
  • Decreases length of stay, drop outs, and no shows
  • Quality improvement strategy at both individual and agency levels
  • Disseminated across the US, Canada, and worldwide; PCOMS measures translated in 31 languages.
  • No Protected Health Information required or collected; Highly secure website

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Subscriptions are annual and based on the number of users. The cost is $199 per single user, $179 per user for 2 to 49 users; $159 per user for 50 to 100 users; $129 per user for 101 to 150 users; $109 per user for 151 to 250 users; $99 per user for 251 users or more. There are no hidden costs and Dr. Barry Duncan's own training materials, including client video demonstrations of PCOMS and BON, are included.

Student subscriptions, designed specifically for graduate programs, are also available at $99 per year regardless of the number of users.